Communication Services

Onas Media Systems is a full-service audiovisual system and collaborative technology design, integration and managed services resource. Our experience covers a wide variety of facilities such as boardrooms, theaters, churches, museums, educational classrooms, control rooms, IDF, and auditoriums.
We work closely with the client, architects, general contractor, interior designers and structural engineers to ensure that all our solutions are designed with ADA requirements, safety, and aesthetics in mind. Our greatest strengths are our audiovisual design, build and project management process, which incorporates project teams that are involved with the entire life cycle of our project, thus providing a high quality of services to our customers.
Onas Media Systems audiovisual solutions are designed and implemented with special attention to detail using the best scalable hardware from reputable manufacturers in the industry and we offer a multi-year extended warranty on our installed systems. Our sales and engineering team can consult with you to ensure that your collaborative solution is technologically sound and cost-effective.
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